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“ When I first saw a Kamaka ukulele I fell in love with it right away. After playing it, I know that this is the sound and feel that I have been looking for. The sound balance and playability are just right. Whenever I have my Kamaka in my arms, I can’t resist smiling both outside and inside my heart. Thank you Kamaka family for making such a warm and beautiful musical instrument.”
Apirak is among the pioneer ‘ukulele players in Thailand when it first officially came to the country in 2009. Beside having an important role organizing many ukulele events in Thailand with Ribbee (Kamaka dealer in Thailand), Apirak is considered to be the best finger style ukulele player in Thailand. His style got inspiration from Ohta-san who is the reason that he started playing ukuleles.

Currently, Apirak release 2 albums, “Blueberry Sky” featuring his original instrumental tune and “Live at Ribbee”, a live version of his first album. Throughout his ukulele musician career, Apirak has performed in festivals and concerts in Hawaii, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines and Thailand.

When he’s not on tour, he performs several gigs in Bangkok as well as working with mainstream musician on ukulele projects. Beside ukulele, Apirak owns two massage shops. On his free days, people usually find him playing relaxing ukulele tunes for his customers.
“Blue Berry Sky”
“Siam Square”
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